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  1. Zodurus

    Intro Alfredo

    Hello Alfredo, welcome to the community! Hope to see you around online! If you have any questions, feel free to ask any of us. :)
  2. Zodurus

    Intro: chvnyv4n

    Welcome to the community! We hope you'll enjoy your stay here! :)
  3. Zodurus

    Birdy flying in (Haha)

    Welcome to our community! Hope to see you around online regularly! :)
  4. Zodurus

    Hiello everyone! (pinkld's Introduction)

    Hey welcome to the community! I'm aware that our forums are currently pretty barebones but there's currently something in the works. :)
  5. Zodurus

    O hai

    Welcome to the community! Now, where's HeadImplosion?
  6. Zodurus

    Make the new enchants available via enchanting tables

    Thanks for the suggestion Kun_V. The Combat Update is yet to be released yet hence why it is still not possible to obtain enchantment books.
  7. Zodurus

    EquinikZ's Introduction

    Welcome to the community! Hope you'll enjoy your stay here! :) P.S. Realms is really expensive (it's a pretty small server you're getting) P.P.S. East side best side
  8. Zodurus

    New Players Ruining Market Prices ( set minimum price threshold)

    Hello folks, After some discussion with our staff team, we will be implementing measures to allow new players to focus more on the vanilla survival experience before diving into the server marketplace. From 3 Aug, all new players joining our Minecraft server will not be able to access trading...
  9. Zodurus

    KittyScript's (Kitty's) Intro uwu

    Hello and welcome to the community! If you have any questions, don't hesistate to ask any one of us. :)
  10. Zodurus

    New Players Ruining Market Prices ( set minimum price threshold)

    Hello folks, Thanks for the feedback. We will be implementing pricing limits for netherite ingots soon. :)
  11. Zodurus

    Game FAQs on the 1.16 Release

    Hello folks, I'm sure you have many questions for us regarding the next major update to Minecraft today. So here's our answers: When will you be updating your server to 1.16? Our practice is to wait out for 2 weeks before updating our server to allow for Mojang and the plugin developers to...
  12. Zodurus

    Valorant LFG

    With the release of Valorant, I guess some of you guys here are looking for others to play with so I’ve made this thread for everyone to share their Riot IDs. :)
  13. Zodurus


    Your suggestion has been approved! However, the Dungeons feature will not be implemented in our Survival server. Stay tuned as we announce upcoming feature additions to the Endcube Minecraft server! :)
  14. Zodurus

    Survival Suggestions

    Thanks @ianc99 for your suggestions, we'll take them into consideration. You'll be informed if your suggestion(s) get implemented! :)
  15. Zodurus

    Shop Setup & Management

    Introduction Shops are introduced to allow players to set up their own shops in various shops worlds to market their products to other players. Shops worlds are also the only worlds where players are able to set up Chest Shops to sell and purchase items. Locations World Warp Size (Price)...
  16. Zodurus

    Suggestions on Written Books for a Public Library

    I’d suggest having some useful survival and crafting manuals like guides on how to get to End cities etc. :)
  17. Zodurus

    Our Asia/Singapore Minecraft Server

    In case you’re still unaware we have an Asia/Singapore Minecraft server, you can join it using the IP address of Before joining, you are advised to read through our Knowledgebase to familiarise yourself with our server rules and features. See you online! :)
  18. Zodurus

    Welcome to the bakery.

    More pics please! Can't get enough of dem cakes and pastries...
  19. Zodurus

    Nintendo Switch Friend Code Exchange

    Mine's SW-7259-1155-5123 :)
  20. Zodurus

    Game Receive Rewards for Linking Your Minecraft Account

    As of today, players can now associate their Minecraft accounts with their forums accounts. Additionally, all players are eligible to receive 2 Mythic Keys and 15 points upon linking their accounts successfully. To link your accounts, follow the steps as shown: - Login to the Endcube...