Game FAQs on the 1.16 Release


Staff member
4 May 2020
Hello folks,

I'm sure you have many questions for us regarding the next major update to Minecraft today. So here's our answers:

When will you be updating your server to 1.16?
Our practice is to wait out for 2 weeks before updating our server to allow for Mojang and the plugin developers to iron the kinks out before we update, to ensure a better gameplay experience for everyone. However, you may connect to our servers via a 1.16 client from day one.

Will I be able to connect to your server using 1.16?
Yes. Our server supports clients with versions 1.15.2 and later.

Will the Overworld and The End world be reset?
No. Progress will be carried on to the updated server.

Will the Nether world be reset?
Yes. We will have to reset the Nether world to allow for new structures and blocks to generate, using the 1.16 world generation algorithms.

Will there be any changes to how farms operate in the new Nether world?
Yes. Players will no longer be able to exploit their way through bedrock after the reset.

Will I be able to use TNT to blast mine Netherite in the new Nether world?
No. Explosions will remain disabled in the Nether world to prevent abuse.

For more updates on 1.16, join our Discord server today.