Make the new enchants available via enchanting tables


5 May 2020
Since new enchantments are being added to the server, I would like to purpose an alternative way of obtaining the enchantments rather than getting it from crates, which is by enchanting books to get it.

By enchanting books in an enchanting table or maybe a special work station, players have a chance to obtain simple and unique enchants or even elite enchants if they're really lucky (Ultimate enchants will still have to be obtained from mythic crates). Here are the percentages that a player can obtain the enchants ( This can be changed to fit Zod's likings)

  • Simple 10%
  • Unique 5%
  • Elite 1%

Reason: I feel like making the enchantments only available through crates is not a fairway for new players and free players to get their hands on the new enchants when people who buy tons of keys can just have them effortlessly with the help of money. With this feature, every player has a fair chance of getting the enchantments and make the server more challenging and fun.

Benefits: The change will encourage players to use the enchantment table more which is rarely used and join the enchanter job more to make money and make the server's job selection more diverse. Furthermore, the enchantment players obtain can also be sold in the shop area where other players and buy them and improve the server's economy.

Why should my suggestion be approved: I believe it will make the server more fun to play on and encourages more new players to join the server while veteran players can still enjoy the new feature that is added.